“This was my first rowing competiton”

For the first time in the history of the Budapest Cup, the organizers will launch a separate division for a couple of singles on the course. We find two times Olympic rower, university and coastal world champion, Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár among the participants, so we asked him about his memories of this race.

(NB: The Budapest Cup Regatta is traditionally the season opening competition in Hungary for 30 years under the name “Széchenyi Memorial’, and has become an international regatta only in the last 10 years.)

How is the preparation season going and when are you starting on water?

It’s going well, practically, since the Olympics it’s only been 4-5 weeks that I started my regular workouts again. I do a lot of cross training in other sports like cycling, ice hockey, wall climbing. Rowing has never stopped in the last few years, we always try to be on water.

You participate in the singles race at the Budapest Cup, what are your expectations?

I really just want to feel good, but of course you want to win every race you start.

You have participated in the Budapest Cup in singles before, how was that experience?

It was a good experience, a tough race, I had to fight for the position in the narrow Danube branch, because it was not a head race system at that time in the singles competition. I like longer distance races, I get tired a little differently, but I really enjoy them, they may be more tactical even. However, I have to admit that I don’t like the head race system as much as I do regular races. I prefer to race with the opponents starting next to me, but I don’t really have serious trouble with it of course. I find the course quite tricky, the Danube is very swirling and fast-paced in this small branch, and anyone who isn’t used to it can be quite surprised.

Photo: Soma Sebestyén

When did you first compete in this race, do you have any fond memories?

I think this was my first ever rowing race where I started in a kiel with Dad (Zoltán Molnár, former Olympic rower, now Bendegúz’s coach), it is definitely a nice memory for me.

And lastly, why do you like to come to this regatta?

I find the atmosphere very nice and much more relaxed than other competitions where I race in general. I meet a lot of people with whom we rarely see each other.

Photos: Bálint Czucz and Soma Sebestyén

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