This year for the first time ever singles race at the Budapest Cup

For the first time in the history of the Budapest Cup, this year the organizers will launch a separate division for a couple of singles on the course. In the races limited for only 25 female and 25 male entries, each participant will take part in the same age group, with male and female rowers being rewarded separately.

What this regatta has been for the eights in the last 10 years can now be experienced for the first time for rowers in singles. We could also say that the Budapest Cup is for rowing what cyclo cross is for cycling or rallies for cars.  

photo: Bence Bőr, Soma Sebestyén

The course set on a natural river brings a unique experience for the participants: despite the long distance, rowing downstream results in a relatively fast race. However, the nature of the course brings a serious technical challenge, which results in an exciting and tactical racing experience, enhanced by the pursuit starting style of every 20-25 seconds, similar to that of the eights.

The course consists of four different sections: the first one from the start to the first bridge, the so called K-bridge, is approx. 1500 meters, let’s say it’s a roughly straight section without any tricky parts yet. The following approx. 2000 meters faces you with the challenge to optimally execute the S-curve of the river branch. Then, at the H-Bridge (called “Pí-bridge” by the local rowers), the river narrows down, the water turns vortex, which puts you into a 250-meter-long technically more difficult situation. Getting through it, you reach the main Danube branch to put all your efforts into the finishing section in front of your mates and the visitors.

photo: Soma Sebestyén

Clearly, on this course not necessarily the strongest wins: the winner is the smartest who makes optimal use of the curves and takes advantage of the river’s opportunities.

The 2018 BPC has already hosted a test race of the singles where four of the best Hungarian men competed against each other, Péter Galambos, Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár, Gergő Papp and Máté Bácskai. This year the race is open for the first time ever for anybody interested. We are looking forward to those 25 female and 25 male competitors who want to make history.

Make your entries by February 28th and see you on March 19th!

Check out the finish of the Singles Cup in 2018 from 15:00 mins:

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