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Lesen Sie den Willkommensgruß der Präsidenten des Ungarischen Ruderverbandes, des Budapester Ruderverband und des Danubius NHE

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Unsere Story

Lesen Sie die Geschichte der Veranstaltung, die die Ruderszene des Mittel- und Osteuropa bereits die formt

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Capital Cup

Eine Initiative um Ruderer aus dem Donauraum und darüber hinaus zusammen zu bringen während die Förderung der Achter Bootklasse an zu fördern.

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3.600 meters - Head race - Budapest Cup
Ein Tag am Donau, im Herz von Budapest mit der purste Rudern erfahrung

The Budapest Cup Regatta is "THE" major rowing event in Budapest during the year and the only head type rowing event for eights in Hungary. It is the 3rd stage of the Capital Cup Regatta series. The Budapest Cup attracted over 320 boats and more than 2900 rowers from 15 countries to the capital of Hungary since its introduction to the Count Széchenyi István Memorial Regatta in 2011.

Today the Budapest Cup Regatta is the outstanding event in the Hungarian and Central European rowing calendar with big success among top, master and junior rowing teams from all over the region. The start of the rowing course is in the small Danube stream next to the Óbuda Island and leads the teams onto the Big Danube on the Buda side of the Margaret Island, into the well-known heart of Budapest.

Our aim is to give rowers a unique feeling of international rowing, where athletes from every level compete. We aim to utilize all the human and asset capital of the Hungarian rowing scene and connect it with the neighboring countries rowing communities.

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Unser Team arbeitet für Sie, um ein tolles Regatta-Erlebnis in Budapest zu erleben. Wir arbeiten mit ca. 50 Freiwilligen am Regattatag, die die Regatta ermöglichen.

Gergely ORBÁN

Main organiser
Manager of the Budapest Cup Regatta since the beginning. Ask him regarding the regatta, safety, boat rent, how to get there and basically everything! Contact him +36304179020 gergely@budapestregatta.com

András DENK

President, Budapest Rowing Association Public Relations
András is the president of the honorable president Danubius NBC, the host club of the event and president of Budapest Rowing Association. Life long professional who is dedicated to the cause of rowing. He is helping the project by managing various PR issues from sponsorship to lobbying. Contact him: +36309487233 denkandras40@gmail.com

Ibolya Máté

Project Services
Ibolya is the responsible for making every service on the shore work for you! All facilities, services to the restaurant services is her! Contact her: +36306764794 ibolya@budapestcupregatta.com


Accomodation services, Gala dinner & sponsorships
Responsible for managing the accommodation of teams, the gala dinner and helping with and sponsorship! Contact her: zita@budapestcupregatta.com

Veronika László

Member of the DNHE Board, long time rower. Connect with her in issues related to volunteering. Contact: veronika.laszlo@danubiusnhe.com Tel.: +36 20 250 8716

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