November 21, 2015

Rules and handicap system

Capital Cup winner will be the team which achieves the best result at all three of four regattas including its handicap.

  • Handicap system:
  • M8+ time x 1,000
  • M8x+ time x 1,027
  • F8+ time x 0,894
  • F8x+ time x 0,921
  • MIX8+ time x 0,947
  • MIX8x+ time x 0,974

It is also including the point = percentage system, in relation to the winner time of each regatta. E.g.: winner time is 100%=100 points. Relations can change when e.g. winner Zagreb won’t compete in Capital Cup, everything will be related to next fastest boat competing in Capital Cup.

Time penalties will be included in the cup’s classification. The winning team receives a challenge cup which has to be returned before the last cup regatta of the following year.

The races are open for Men’s, Women’s and Mixes teams in all age classes. Eligible are Eights and Octuple Sculls.

At least four rowers of one team must take part in all three cup regattas of the year. The other rowers may change in any order.

Changes of the boat class (e.g. from Mixed to Women’s or Eight to Octuple Sculls) are not allowed. Teams with rowers from different clubs are accepted.

The specific regulations of each regatta have to be obeyed.