Budapest Cup Regatta – final information package regarding the race

Dear rowers!


Please find attached the following documents:
– Time schedule for Athletes: Racing starts @10:00-11:00-12:00
– Getting to the Depo area (You can enter with trailers only when coming from south direction
– Racing & Traffic Rules
– Rules of Racing
– Maps on the traffic directions
– Declaration of Responsibility – PLEASE FILL THESE OUT
Please note:
– Getting on the water
       – 1st division even number upper pontoon, odd numbers lower pontoon. Boats line up in the reverse order of the start
       – 2nd-3rd division upper pontoon getting on the water, lower pontoon swap then getting of the water
       – No team is allowed on water until the division races along the depo
– During race always row in the middle of the stream, when taken over give way
– Row back on Buda side of the river
Rent Boats arrive from WRC LIA & WRC Pirat (Vienna), HAVK Mladost (Zagreb), Canottiere Mincio (Mantova) and local host Danubius we thank again these clubs to making our regatta happen
– Training is possible on Friday between 14:00-19:00
– Gala Dinner 19:30 @ Hotel Marriott – for tickets write to Ms. Vimi Zita
– Racing starts Saturday 10:00, Be on water latest 9:30
– Cheer at 10:30 to the our special charity race “+1 Chromosome sprint erg champ” with 12 Down Syndrome/12 Olympians from different sports
– Lunch starts at 11:30 when the Gulash is ready
– Medal Ceremony starts after lunch – all teams get medal or memory medal
– Official afterparty – starts at 20:30 @Ötkert in the down town, tickets for 1000Ft available at registration (free drink + VIP Entrance, during the night)
Have a great time!


See you in Budapest

Gergely, Ibolya, Zita, András
The Organisers


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