November 21, 2015

Entry information and racing rules

Season Opening 30. Széchenyi István Memorial Regatta and 10. International Budapest Cup

Regatta date: 4th April, 2020

Regatta Depo: Szent 23. János Pápa park – at the Tímár utca HÉV station

Registration deadline: 29th February 2020

Direct information:


  Events Distance
1. Men Senior eight (M8+) 3600m
2. Women Senior eight (W8+) 3600m
3. Men Master eight (MM8+) 3600m
4. Women Master eight (WMM8+) 3600m
5. Mixed Master eight (MM8x+) 3600m
6. Men Master scull eight (MM8x+) 3600m
7. Women Master scull eight (MM8x+) 3600m
8. Mixed Master scull eight (MM8x+) 3600m
9. Men University eight (Mst8+) 3600m
10. Women University eight (Wst8+) 3600m
11. Men U19 eight (JAM8+) 3600m
12. Women U19 eight (JAW8+) 3600m
13. Men U17 eight (JBM8+) 3600m
14. Women U17 eight (JBW8+) 3600m
15. Women senior quadruple sculls (W4x-) 3600m
16. Women master quadruple sculls (WM4x-) 3600m
17. Women U19 quadruple sculls (JAW4x-) 3600m
18. Women U17 quadruple sculls (JBW4x-) 3600m

Entry fee

Budapest Cup eight

Budapest Cup Women quads

125 EUR/crew

50 EUR/crew

All U17 events Free


Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed crews.

All crews will receive memorial medals.

Entry fees must be paid before the start of the regatta via Bank Transfer

Please transfer your entry fees to:
Name: Danubius Nemzeti Hajós Egylet
Address: 1007 Budapest Művész sétány HRSZ: 23800/5
Iban: HU32 1090 0035 0000 0008 1451 0016

The entry fee must be transferred by the participating team by the entry deadline. For those teams who have not transferred the entry fee within the specified deadline, the Organizing Committee may refuse the participation. Teams that do not settle their entry no later than 15 days before the race will be automatically excluded from the competition. Please ask for your invoice in case necessary before the payment deadline. The organizer as base scenario will issue the bill for the participating teams after payment has arrived.

For international payments we encourage usage of services like Transferwise – to keep costs at minimum. For more information contact us (to get related e-mail address).

For accommodation options please contact us in due time, or select from our partners in the Accommodation menu.


  • Teams late at start (4 boats distance start interval) will receive 10 seconds penalty in case they don’t signal the umpire at the warm up area technical or other problems
  • In the University race mixed men and women crews can enter
  • There are no age limitations, except for the U19, U17 crews.
  • The final timetable will be based on the number of entries
  • All participants take part in the regatta on their own responsibility
  • For the 5 winning crews in last year’s Capital Cup in each category, starting numbers are given according to their finishing order
  • All rowers in the boat representing a club or rowing associations must wear their corresponding club or associations dresses.  All rowers in the boat with a combined crew must have the same dresses. Those crews who do not use same uniforms will receive 10 second penalty
  • All time measurements and race tracking will be done by licenced rowing judges and certified time measurement system. For split times and finishing time a photofinish system will be used.
  • All costs for participation in this event will be entirely by the participants and/or their clubs. The organizer will provide one meal for all participants.
  • All participants must be able to swim, insured against any accidents which may occur at this event, and be medically fit, which will be confirmed on the verified registration form signed by the responsible club representative. The organizer does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury which may occur during the regatta or is associated with the regatta.
  • Cancellation
    • Cancellation before the entry deadline: free of charge, the full entry fee will be refunded
    • Cancellation after the entry deadline but no later than March 10, 75% of the entry fee is returned by the organising committee
    • Cancellation after the entry, but not later than March 22, 50% of the entry fee is returned by the organising committee
    • If canceled after March 22, the organizer will not reimburse the entry fee