November 21, 2015

Welcome note

Dear Visitor!

The Danubius National Boating Club, the Hungarian Rowing Association and the Budapest Rowing Association is proud to present the season opening count Széchenyi István Memorial Regatta and the International Budapest Cup Regatta long distance head regatta for eights and women quads and from 2020 also for singles sculls!

The count István Széchenyi Memorial Regatta has been for more than 30 years, the official season opening regatta of the Hungarian rowing season.

The International Budapest Cup Regatta, is the only international rowing head event of Hungary. Besides high performance competitors, who are training for international level, master teams represent the greatest number at the starting line. University and junior teams compete also in the 3,6 km race starting distance of 4 boats.

The regatta of 2019 has been a great success with over 72 teams at the starting line from 12 countries in and out of the region!

It is a great honor to be part of the Capital Cup Regatta tour which has been a great success in recent years! The current edition has already started in Zagreb with the “Eights on Sava “and in Prague with Head of Prague. We expect, together with the “Wiener Achter” held in Vienna in the spring, the eights entering the Budapest Cup will enter also the Capital Cup competition where teams will be ranked according their results in  three out four events. This is the first co-organised rowing cup in decades in our region and we look forward to help bring rowers together from the neighbouring countries, to have a great time, while promoting and developing the regions rowing sport!

We hope that you will come and race or just visit us in  the depo area with family and friends and we will have a great day watching an excellent regatta!

Kind Regards,

András Denk

Ottó Cseh Gergely Vanczák

Budapest Rowing Association


Hungarian Rowing Association


Danubius National Boating Club