Make your entry – two weeks left until closing the entries!

I love rowing - Pictire CC Possillpo, Naples

I love rowing – Pictire CC Possillpo, Naples

There are only two weeks left for making your entry for the next Budapest Cup Regatta! The entries will close on 2nd of March.

The easiest way to make your entry is by using the registration menu.

This year we expect a record number of entries in total headcount! More than 40 eights have announced their participation, which is significant compared to the period. More than 15 teams will participate at the Capital Cup race series who have already raced  in Zagreb in the “Eights on Sava” regatta. The third and final element of the tour, the WienerAchter will be held on May 14 in Vienna.

This year we would like to also increase the number of participants with opening a crew pool, bringing together those who would like to row at the regatta, but do not have a team or a boat. Such rowers are welcome to send their contact information to address!

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