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We suppose you’re already excited about the regatta. We have made an information package for you about the 6th International Budapest Cup. Please read it carefully!

We have made a few changes this year. Firts of all, because of the number of participants there will be 3 divisions, which start 10:00-11:20-12:30 separately. You can find the start list attached and your exact starting time. Please keep in mind, that you have to arrive at the start zone at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time, otherwise you’ll get 10 seconds penalty.

Secondly, you have to collect your start number at the registration and pay 10€/3000Ft deposit which you’ll get back as soon as you return the start number. Also you will be handed the lunch ticket and other things at the registration.

All coxwains have to weighting on Friday or on Saturday’s morning.

All car permissions will be automatic, no documents have to be given to you.

With the cars we’d like to ask you to park during the day of the regatta in the garden of the new club house on the opposite side of the island. Please see the map for reference.

Friday evening we will have Rowing Dinner in the Intercontinental Hotel on the Danube bank with great view on the castle. Already 65 of you have made their coming request. We would like to ask you to send us your reservation so we can make arrangements according. The dinner costs 30€/person. All inclusive Hungarian cuisine + soft drinks. For more information please contact:

Please see the official Merchandising T-shirt of the regatta attached. In cooperation with Unicef we are raising money for children in need with the sales of these T-shirts. Please send us your reservation if you would like to buy for your team as we will organise sizes accordingly. The T-shirt cost 10€/3000HUF.

In case of questions please contact us. Changes in boat setups are welcome at the registration.

See you on Friday or  Saturday!

0_Time Schedule April 1_April2

1_Getting to Danubius NHE

2_Racing & Traffic rules


BudapestCup_ Start Zone_v2

Budapest Cup Startlist 2016

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