76 registrations so far for this year’s Budapest Cup Regatta

Yesterday was the deadline for entries for this year’s Budapest Cup Regatta. We received 76 registrations and some entries are still under process so when they are done the number of participating crews will exceed that of last year’s, hurray!

More than half of the registrations came for male crews, one third is for ladies and the rest are mixed boats. But mixed can come not only from mixing genders but having rowers from different countries row in one boat. Participants come from 12 countries, after Hungary, the highest number of entries arrived from Germany and Italy but we will see a crew from Mongolia as well. The mixed boats are formed by Italians and Hungarians, and Germans and Hungarians, latters call themselves simply “Germangarians”.

Most of the entries came in both masters and open elite categories, but younger age categories are also in good numbers, and according to traditions, university units will participate as well.

The Valyo team will also start this year among amateurs, they are working on the appreciation of the Danube with various art, entertainment, awareness-raising programs and installations. The DNHE CSepp a tengerben unit has formed with disabled people, enabling them to compete. Six participants from the team are from a special children’s home, who have been on regular camps and other programs since their little age. First, in 2015, they started rowing in a fixed-ten with the help of DNHE (Danubius Rowing Club), they have been on the Danube on several occasions since then, and in gig-foura they started to learn the rolling technique. This year’s trainings started in a rowing tank to prepare and their great goal is to participate in the Budapest Cup in an 8+.

The decisive part of the entries came to 8+, and besides the women’s 4xs, we can also see some 8x+ crews. There are those who are regulars of the regatta for now, and then those who arrive for the first time, moreover, our friends from Poland will not have the opportunity to go on water before the regatta (there is winter in Poland) so they think the outcome will be interesting 😉

We also count the days down and looking forward to meet you guys on the 17th of March !


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