Let’s see the entries

First of all: thanks for registering for the Budapest Cup Regatta 2019, we are so glad to see you here this year.

Alltogether 59 regsitrations were sent from seven countries from all over Europe. Besides the Hungarian crews there will be rowing pals from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland and of course, Italy.

Most of the crews registered in eights but we will again see some women quadruples and spectacular eight sculls in the race. The range of age categories vary much more, even though the masters dominate the regatta there are a great number of crews in the open, the university and the younger categories and on top of that, we can see quite a few mixed gender boats.

It is very exciting to see the variety of participants, there are long-time Budapest Cup Regatta guys and some of you, we will meet for the first time ever. There are guys who used to be the youngest but now growing up and there are amateurs who are gaining more and more experience with their enthusiasm for returning every year.

We will update you with information about the race in the upcoming weeks and we encourage you to come and spend the day with us even if you do not participate.

Whatever your goal is on the Budapest Cup Regatta, to have fun is a common principal for everyone.

So, we will see you very soon,
on the 6th of April in Szent 23. János Pápa park.

And in the meantime: follow us on Facebook and Instagram and
keep on rowing!

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