Official Communication N#1

The Organizing Committee of the Budapest Cup Regatta informs all participants about the contingencies to be implemented in case of adverse weather conditions.

The complete program is moved earlier with one hour. The first division starts at 9:00am. Updated time schedule will be sent tonight

Weather forecast for 17 March, Saturday (as of 13:00 14 March):

North-East wind, windspeed of 5,7 m/s, with gusts up to 8,9 m/s

Temperature: 5°C

According to local experience the above weather conditions the part of the Danube where the competition course is located is still ROWABLE. The Budapest Cup organisers are constantly monitoring the weather situation.

In case the conditions become worse or jeopardize the safety of the crews and athletes the following contingency plans will be implemented:

  • Option A – Rowing to the start is moved to the other side of the Obuda island, which is more sheltered
  • Option B – Competition course is shortened. Start remains in the original location. Finish line is to be moved to the main event area, just below the outgoing and incoming pontoons.
  • Option C – If the conditions become unrowable, the competition will be suspended or cancelled

The decision will be made by the Competition Director and the President of the Jury and be communicated to all crews.

The organisers have the safety of the participants, and also the equipment as a top priority and all decisions will be made to serve these objectives.

The following step are being made in the depo and the program, to decrease the length and help the comfort of the participants

  • free hot the will be available to all participants in the depo,
  • medal ceremony will be held continously
  • Shower and changing facilities will be at the UTE Kayak-Canoe club at the south end of the depo, with waiting room also on Friday.
  • 10x20m central tent will provide for shelter
  • The Rozmaring restaurant will be open next to the depo.

Gergely Orbán                     Éva Szántó

Competition Director            President of the Jury

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